Amazing Grace Moments

Looking at Prayer and the Gift of God’s Grace

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Margaret Huber

Host of Amazing Grace Moments


Margaret Huber is the President of Lighthouse TV, a broadcast Television, and online media ministry with studios in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Harrisburg, PA.


Born in New Jersey and growing up in a broken home, Margaret moved to Pennsylvania to find peace and a better life. She found peace when her now sister-in-law Sandy Huber asked her if she wanted to become a Christian. There was no looking back!


At the age of 26, with two young girls, tragedy struck as her husband was killed in a work-related accident. She shares that it was the most challenging time of her life and that she knew the Lord was faithful in every moment with her.


Margaret’s background in Biblical Counseling, hospice care, nursing home visits, love for the great hymns, and her reliance on God in prayer are the strengths she draws from to lead Lighthouse TV and the show she hosts, Amazing Grace Moments.

Show Overview

The traditional songs and hymns sung worldwide in Christian churches contain beautifully rich lyrics and melodies. During each episode of Amazing Grace Moments, your host, Margaret Huber, draws our attention to lyrics that have allowed these songs to stand the test of time and lift hearts.

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