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Pat Huber

Host of Bethlehem Glory


Pat Huber was co-founder of WBPH Channel 60 with her husband Joe. She served as the acting president of the station for more than 25 years and hosted various shows, including the daily Bible teaching program “Bethlehem Glory.”


She touched countless lives through her various ministries, including a Christian coffeehouse, teaching Bible studies to children and adults, women’s prison outreach, and founding an inner-city drop-in center and food bank.”


Some may remember Pat as “Aunt Patsy” from the Christian children’s show “Sonny Farms” on the old Twin County Cable TV.


Pat lived a life dedicated to serving others and spreading the love of Jesus.”

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Show Overview

Bible teacher Pat Huber sees the beauty of all God’s word as a scarlet thread from Genesis to Revelation. Bethlehem Glory is a daily Bible study taught line by line, verse by verse, giving the historical details and application principles for daily living. Pat’s prayer for this time of study with viewers is Psalm 119:18 TLB — “Open our eyes (Lord) to see wonderful things in your Word!”

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