Deep Roots Men’s Discipleship Training

I was growing a plant with my son for a science project. We learned that many plants need primary roots, secondary roots, and the right environment to grow and flourish. Primary roots drive down deep into the ground and anchor them solidly in place. Secondary roots spread out and help the plant absorb the water and nutrients necessary for surviving and thriving. The right environment provides the sunlight, water, and nutrients necessary for growth.

Men have similar needs to grow and flourish in this fallen world. First, men need a deep primary root, a deep connection to Jesus. Redwood trees are an incredible aspect of God’s creation. They can grow 350 feet high, live over 2,000 years, resist insects and all but the hottest fires, and are virtually impervious to diseases. These magnificent trees are almost invincible, but not quite. The most frequent cause of death for mature redwoods is being blown over by strong winds. These formidable giants have no taproot anchoring them in place. Men cannot remain grounded in life without their most important anchor, a strong connection with Jesus.

Second, men need strong secondary roots. Redwoods don’t have a taproot but do have an extensive root system that spreads outward 60-80 feet and intertwines with roots from other redwoods. This allows the trees to support one another by sharing nutrients and literally anchoring each other down. Men need a strong connection with other men to grow, flourish, and remain anchored in life.

Third, men need the right environment for growth. Deep Roots discipleship training provides men with an environment designed to cultivate a deeper connection with Jesus and other men. This environment promotes transformation and flourishing in the most important areas of life. Come join us!