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Brennen Sullivan

Host of One Day Closer

Brennen loves Jesus, people, and helping others discover God’s incredible purposes for them. His greatest passion is being used by God to light a fire in peoples’ lives that causes them to burn more brightly for Jesus. That is what One Day Closer is all about, shining Jesus’ light in our earthly home.


Brennen is a husband, father, preacher, teacher, and life coach. His greatest joy by far is being a dad, and his newest hobby is combatives training. He currently knows enough to incapacitate one or two bad guys, and potentially himself in the process!


Brennen grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Pennsylvania in 2007, shortly before surrendering his life to King Jesus. He has had the privilege of mentoring youth at an after-school program in inner-city Allentown and serving as the Outreach and Discipleship Pastor at a church in Easton. Brennen is currently the Lehigh Valley Area Director at Priority One Foundation, where he develops and promotes ministries and programs that help men grow in their relationship with Jesus alongside other men. You can learn more about Priority One at


Brennen has completed a B.S. with an emphasis in Psychology from UW-Madison and a M.Div. from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently pursuing a D.R.S in New Testament Studies from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. Brennen is a Full Focus Certified Pro who helps people make the best use of the time God has given them by learning how to become more accomplished at work, more attentive at home, and more available to serve God and others. He is also a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach. Contact Brennen if you, your church, or your organization are interested in connecting with him about speaking, preaching, training, coaching, or consulting.

Show Overview

Every day we are One Day Closer to eternity. Each episode of One Day Closer spotlights an exciting story from an individual, church, or parachurch ministry who is using their One Day Closer to eternity to spread Jesus’ hope and purpose to many.

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